About Company

Welcome to NAMECO Healthcare

NAMECO Healthcare is a professional manufacturer of high quality Medical Non-woven personal protection equipment (PPE). Our manufacturing facilities are located in Tunisia, being a one-stop source for PPE products in the region of the Mediterranean and north Africa.


Our selection of products includes medical face mask, isolation gown, surgical gown, shoe cover, bed sheets and caps in a variety of styles and materials. We offer the best in fabric selection and can custom-tailor personal protective apparel to meet your requirements for keeping healthcare professionals safe from hazardous particulates, liquids, bacteria and viruses, and other types of occupational contamination.

Being based in Tunisia, we had the opportunity of having easy access to both European, African, and Asian Markets, especially that we follow French norms and EU Standards, and all of our products meet ISO and EN Specifications and requirements.

We are always committed to our customers by providing consistently high-quality products, good services, and shall strive for continuous improvement in production technology, human skill, and teamwork.


Our Factory Having 2 main production facilities in Tunisia (in the Governorates of Sousse and Nabeul)

Our company philosophy is based on combining Quality, Economy, knowledge, and advanced production technologies under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards to supply products with international standards, all in the sense of the ISO 13485 Quality Management System.

As the technology advances in the healthcare industry NAMECO is also committed to continuously upgrading and modifying our machines and production methods, as well as using high-quality raw material.